Affordable and Secure Car Storage Near Me


Car Storage Near Me


Are you leaving the country temporarily and looking for a place to leave your vehicle? Do you have a motorcycle or a convertible that you want to store through the winter months? Or do you have a rarely-driven vintage car that needs year-round protection? If you’ve been looking for car storage near your home, you’ll know that conventional storage facilities can be expensive and located an inconvenient distance from your home. Fortunately, the sharing economy has given us a better option: space-sharing.


Space-sharing, like Airbnb, matches people who can provide a service with those seeking a service. Sign up, and you can be paired with a someone in your neighbourhood who has space to spare, at a fraction of the cost that a conventional facility would charge. This simple -- yet genius -- idea is catching fire across Canada.


Safe and Reliable


Some people are attracted to the concept of space-sharing, but are concerned about how it will work or wondering whether or not their belongings will be safe. Of course, when you’re storing a car or other vehicle, you’ll want to make sure that your investment is protected. You can minimize safety concerns by using a reliable company with good systems in place. Here’s how to help to ensure a safe environment for your property:

  • Visit the website of a space-sharing company. (Use a platform that is dedicated to space-sharing, not a "buy and sell” site.) Learn how it works. 
  • Read reviews of the company or talk to someone who uses it, when that’s possible.
  • Make sure the company offers safeguards such as:
    • A legal agreement signed by both parties that specifies the terms of the arrangement.
    • Advice about insurance, if necessary.
    • A secure payment system that goes through the company’s platform and uses a reputable system (such as PayPal).


Finding a Match


Once you’ve ascertained that the space-share company is reliable, it’s a fairly simple process: register -- for free -- and specify what type of space you’re looking for. The company will provide you with the options that are nearest to you.


You should meet with the host and inspect the space to make sure that it’s suited to your needs. Consider aspects such as:

  • Climate control. (Is it temperature-controlled? Is it dry and leakproof?)
  • Pest control. (Has the host ever had problems with mice, for example?)
  • Ventilation. (Does the air smell musty?)
  • Location. (How convenient will the storage location be for you?)
  • Moisture barrier. (Will there be a tarp or other barrier under the vehicle?)


If the you and the host decide to go forward, you can discuss the sorts of terms that you are interested in. One of the topics you’ll need to negotiate is how you will get access to the site – will you be provided with a key for 24/7 access, or will you need to contact the host in advance to gain access? You may also want to talk about how the vehicle will be stored – will you be removing the battery and adding fuel stabilizer, for example, or using a cover on the car? The space-share company can facilitate this part of the process.


Visit a space-sharing website today, and learn more about this 21st century solution. Store your vehicle cheaply and easily in your neighbourhood!